July 2020 Symposium - Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County

July 2020 Symposium

Larimer County Suicide Prevention Symposium

Thanks for joining us for the first Northern Colorado Suicide Prevention Symposium! We discussed Larimer County's plan for suicide prevention and how our community can be a part of it. 

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What are the Pillars?

Each of the breakout sessions explores a different pillar, or key planning strategy, of the Colorado National Collaborative. The Colorado National Collaborative is an innovative , five year suicide prevention plan that Larimer County is implementing . To help you decide which pillars you may be most interested in, here is a brief description:

Connectedness: The connectedness pillar will explore how meaningful relationships and an increased sense of belongingness can reduce suicide.

Suicide Safer Care: The suicide safer care pillar will focus on how to implement best practices in healthcare settings.

Economic Stability: The economic stability pillar will focus on reducing suicide deaths by increasing stability in areas such as: employment, childcare, transportation, housing, and education.

Education and Awareness: The education and awareness pillar will explore how to  increase suicide prevention education and awareness among community members, providers, and other professionals.

Lethal Means:  The lethal means pillar will focus on how increasing safe storage initiatives for firearms, prescription and illicit drugs can lead to fewer injuries and fatalities.

Postvention: The postvention pillar will explore how to better coordinate community education and care after a suicide loss or attempt.

What is Imagine Zero?

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The action from the Larimer County Suicide Prevention Symposium was around the pillars discussed. To find more about the work groups, please fill out the below form.