Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent suicide in Larimer County by raising awareness, educating and training youth and adults about suicide, and providing resources and support to those who have been impacted.

Issues We Face

Colorado consistently ranks in the top ten states for annual deaths by suicide, in Larimer County a suicide occurs every 4-5 days, it is the second leading cause of youth deaths, and more people die by suicide than homicide.

Mental health and suicide are often stigmatized and a lack of education about these topics can leave those who have been affected by it personally or by someone they love feeling isolated, unsure of how to support someone in need, and unaware of the resources in the community available to them.


We Hope

To one day live in a community without suicide.

To strive towards that goal by building an understanding about mental health issues, providing support to those who have lost a loved one, and working together to build a community of peers who can reach out to their families, coworkers, and neighbors when they are in need.

Our Impact

Annually our free programs reach out to thousands of people in our community providing invaluable information that could save a life. Last year our adult program (Hope For Today) presented at more than thirty local businesses and organizations. During the 2016-2017 school year our youth program (Raising Awareness of Personal Power) reached 3,839 students and lead to 253 referrals for support.

ASP is not an emergency service provider; however, we do receive calls and walk-ins from individuals who are in crisis, need someone to talk to, or are looking for resources for themselves or a loved one.

Our Work

We provide free education programs focused on training adults in our local businesses and organizations (Hope For Today) and training youths in our local schools (Raising Awareness of Personal Power) on suicide prevention.

We have two Grief Support groups provided in collaboration with 3 Hopeful Hopes to provide a community for those who have been affected by the loss of someone they love to suicide.

How to Get Involved

We couldn’t possibly do what we do without the generous support of local businesses and community members. We need you to get involved by donating, volunteering, signing-up for a training, and helping to get the word out.

About Us

The Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County was founded in 1989, in response to the high number of suicide deaths in Larimer County. Since our beginning, we have worked to prevent suicide by raising awareness and educating the community and have reached out to support families whose lives have been impacted by suicide. Since we were founded, Larimer County’s suicide rate has dropped from being one of the highest in Colorado to being below the state average; however, the battle to save the lives of those who are suicidal and those suffering from depression or bipolar disorder are far from over. Although we have made progress, our suicide rates remain higher than the national average. We are a nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization with an active Board of Directors. Currently, we have two full-time employees and are fortunate to have over 20 active, dedicated volunteers who help us provide services directly to the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is that the communities of Larimer County will be caring and tolerant of those affected by depression, other mental illnesses, and suicide. People will be encouraged to recognize, intervene, and support those in need. Those suffering from mental illness and suicidal thoughts will seek treatment, resulting in a reduced suicide rate.

Meet Us

Rick Hufnagel – Executive Director


Livvey Rurup  – Program Coordinator



Jim Haselmaier – President

IT Consultant


Nikki Lucas- Vice President

Corporate Event Planner


Jo Ellen McCracken-Treasurer

Office Manager/Speaker


Jason Taylor

Financial Planner


Lorann Stallones, MPH, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychology

Colorado State University


Meschelle Peterson

Accountant/Small Business Owner


Bryan Thomas

V.P. of Lending, On Tap Credit Union


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