Featured Book: Recovering From Loss and Reviving the Heart

"In this valuable addition to the literature on mourning and bereavement, Levine writes in a soothing voice informed by many of the principles of Buddhism, but also encompassing all the major spiritual traditions. Levine (A Gradual Awakening), who has done grief counseling with concentration camp survivors, Vietnam vets and many others, points out that a new loss may be intensified by earlier, unresolved griefs about the death or divorce of parents, the loss of a sibling or other psychological traumas. Levine identifies three stages on the path to easing the anguish of loss: softening the pain, cultivating mercy and making peace with the pain. He recommends a number of techniques, including a breathing exercise to loosen a stomach constricted by [more]

Could Winter Exercise Help With More Than Just Your Love Handles?

Stay more than just warm this winter season and keep up with your mental health! There are many ways to do this, of course, but there's something that could be helping you in more ways than one! Exercising this winter could be your ticket to a stress-free start to the new year! There are many benefits of exercise pertaining to mental health. A Sweaty Anti-Depressant Partaking in sweat-inducing activities can act as an equivalent of anti-depressants. This phenomenon is because exercise stimulates the growth of certain neurons in the brain that depression has effected. Reverse that Stress Along with fighting depression, exercise also helps to reverse the effects of stress. A thirty-minute workout alone can, not only help burn off those calories from all the [more]

Mark Your Calendars with Our NEW 2014 Events

Some of our annual events will stick around, but we're also adding some new events this year. Here's what we've got in store for 2014. Shred-A-Thon March This year we're pairing up with Team Fort Collins to Shred the Stigma. Bring us all those spring cleaning papers you'd like to get rid of and we'll SHRED 'EM for a small donation. Taking Strides to Save Lives 5k Walk/Run April Our Taking Strides to Save Lives Walk has been going strong for 12 years now, but we thought we'd pick up the pace this year and make it a run. We'll have an Adult 5k, 1 Mile Family Fun Run, and Walk of Reflection for those who'd like to walk in honor of a loved one. Pickleball Tournament [more]

The Most Recommended Book for Depressed Patients

“More than 20 million Americans will suffer an episode of depression or mania during their lifetimes, and one in five American families will feel its impact directly. For these families, Overcoming Depression is the essential resource. Since its first publication in 1987, it has become the book most often recommended by doctors to their depressed patients because it clearly and sympathetically presents state-of-the-art medical information and the solid, practical advice that patients and their families need to participate actively in diagnosis and treatment. Now featuring all-new data on the latest drugs, research, treatment, and medical insurance, it also includes a frank discussion of psychiatric therapy in the era of managed care.” -Overview of Overcoming Depression This book is available in The Suicide Prevention [more]