Big Al's Big Change Jar

  Big Al's has chosen the Alliance for Suicide Prevention as the recipient of the December Big Change Jar! Breakfast sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and so much more! Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner while supporting our agency all month [more]

Grief Support During the Holiday Season

Grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide is a complex and challenge journey any time. However, the holiday season can magnify the many feelings you're experiencing. Family gatherings and seasonal celebrations can be painful reminders of the absence of a loved one(s). At the same time, they can also be comforting rituals where you spend time with friends and family, focusing on good memories and trying to recapture your sense of joy. If you are mourning a loss of a loved one this year and you're in need of support, please reach out and attend a local support group and/or class.  You're not alone.  We want to provide support and guidance during this process. Local classes and support groups in December: Grief [more]

December Wish List

As we start the new year, we are in need of supplies for our office, as well as for the youth suicide prevention program, Raising Awareness of Personal Power. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Please review our December Wish [more]

Could Winter Exercise Help With More Than Just Your Love Handles?

Stay more than just warm this winter season and keep up with your mental health! There are many ways to do this, of course, but there's something that could be helping you in more ways than one! Exercising this winter could be your ticket to a stress-free start to the new year! There are many benefits of exercise pertaining to mental health. A Sweaty Anti-Depressant Partaking in sweat-inducing activities can act as an equivalent of anti-depressants. This phenomenon is because exercise stimulates the growth of certain neurons in the brain that depression has effected. Reverse that Stress Along with fighting depression, exercise also helps to reverse the effects of stress. A thirty-minute workout alone can, not only help burn off those calories from all the [more]