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Youth Suicide Prevention

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REPLY (Resiliency education protecting the lives of youth)

REPLY (formerly RAPP (Raising Awareness of Personal Power)) is a free suicide prevention program available to all middle and high school aged youth in Larimer County.  Since 1992 the Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County’s REPLY program has been training youth on the signs and symptoms of someone who may need mental health support.  Understanding these signs and symptoms, along with knowing actions to take and available resources, are critical to helping someone who needs mental health support.

REPLY reaches approximately 4,000 students during the school year with over 90% of students reporting an increase in knowledge of mental health issues and suicidal symptoms, a higher likelihood for help-seeking behavior for themselves or someone else, and an increased awareness of available resources.  We achieve this by using a comprehensive approach through education, support, skill building, and increasing social connectedness.

REPLY is a program with evidence of effectiveness and uses strategic practices to specifically address the youth population.  We offer to work with your organization to personalize our program to best meet the needs of your unique students or youth group.

Youth Advisory Council

The Alliance’s Youth Advisory Council is a group of youth (currently 5) that review all youth-focused activities and provide guidance to the Alliance regarding what the youth of the community need, as well help deliverables and activities be well received by the youth community.  The intent is to make sure our community’s youth have a “strong voice” in shaping and developing the youth programs offered by the Alliance.  In addition to providing guidance overall, the council has driven special projects that have been driving by this council include a sticker campaign and developing and distributing self-care materials for youth.

The Youth Advisory Council is funded thanks to the Bohemian Foundation’s “Give Next” program.

Teen self-care fair

The Teen Self-Care fair is a bi-annual fair that encourages youth to understand how to take care of themselves and stay mentally healthy.  Various vendors and organizations come together in a fun and exciting setting to interact with youth.

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Are You In Crisis?

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis, call or text Crisis Support 988.

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Our organization is entirely supported by local business and individual donors.

Free Training

We work with organizations to provide prevention training.


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