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Youth Suicide Prevention

REPLY (Resiliency education protecting the lives of youth)

REPLY (formerly RAPP (Raising Awareness of Personal Power)) is a free suicide prevention program available to all middle and high school aged youth in Larimer County.  Since 1992 the Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County’s REPLY program has been training youth on the signs and symptoms of someone who may need mental health support.  Understanding these signs and symptoms, along with knowing actions to take and available resources, are critical to helping someone who needs mental health support.

REPLY reaches approximately 4,000 students during the school year with over 90% of students reporting an increase in knowledge of mental health issues and suicidal symptoms, a higher likelihood for help-seeking behavior for themselves or someone else, and an increased awareness of available resources.  We achieve this by using a comprehensive approach through education, support, skill building, and increasing social connectedness.

REPLY is a program with evidence of effectiveness and uses strategic practices to specifically address the youth population.  We offer to work with your organization to personalize our program to best meet the needs of your unique students or youth group.

Family/Community REPLY
Want to do a Community REPLY training with other families and their kids or do you have a youth group that you want to get trained in suicide prevention, use the form below or contact one of our Youth Program Coordinators, Traci Sandoval  or Dawn Kirk.

Youth Advisory Groups

Youth Action for Health: A coalition of Fort Collins teens working to improve the health of youth in our community!

Youth Action for Health ( YAH) meets weekly to discuss important youth health related topics and create innovative solutions. With representation across grades, schools, and more, YAH provides a platform for young people to share their voices, perspectives, and ideas. We strive to uplift all youth in Fort Collins, so we have a very flexible structure for all members. Consistent attendance is not mandatory; we welcome anyone who can come at any time! Our purpose is to create a positive community within our group and promote positive communities elsewhere as much as we can! 

They are currently meeting every Thursday from 6:30pm-8:00pm at the Foothills Activity Center!
See Schedule and Calendar for more information.

TAC212 Teen Center Grand Opening Celebration June 13th, 2023

TAC 212 strives to be an inclusive and fun space as well as a drug and alcohol-free place. We hope TAC 212 becomes a “Third” space outside of school and home for teens to feel supported and make lasting connections.   Youth Advisory Committee meets every other Monday with a focus on the new TAC212 Youth Center, learn more. Check out TAC212 Events here. 

Larimer County’s Youth Mental Health Task Force is seeking student representatives. If you or someone you know is interested in being apart of the Larimer County Mental Health Task Force, please fill out this application. Quarterly Meetings, Dinner served. For more information contact

TTU (Thompson Teens United) is recruiting new members for this summer and next school year. Their next meeting is Tuesday, June 13th at 2:00pm at Loveland Library. Youth can register here if they’re interested

Youth Support Groups

The Yarrow Collective is excited to announce the creation of Seed Circles for youth 14-18 created by Melissa Lozano! The community circle will be year round but broken up into seasonal sessions. Registration is required for the 8 week summer sessions. The first circle starts on Friday June 16th from 12-2pm at TAC212 and goes to August 4th. 

The intention for this circle is to create connection to self and community while exploring identity and life with curiosity and compassion. 

Please share this circle with any organization and within your network! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Melissa or myself! 

Here’s the link for registration.

Teen self-care fair

The Teen Self-Care fair is a bi-annual fair that encourages youth to understand how to take care of themselves and stay mentally healthy.  Various vendors and organizations come together in a fun and exciting setting to interact with youth.

Contact about Youth Programming

Are You In Crisis?

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis, call or text Crisis Support 988.

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Free Training

We work with organizations to provide prevention training.


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