Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Free Educational Programs

We have two educational programs that we provide to the community, one for youth (R.A.P.P.) and one for adults (Hope for Today). Our educational programs cover mood disorders, warning signs of suicide, and how to help someone who may be struggling. Participants are provided with a booklet of community resources and information. Each presentation is an hour and a half, but can be customized for your school, business, church, or organization.

Lending Library

Our office offers free resources, memoirs, novels, and information guides to community members. The Lending Library has information for both survivors and caregivers. It also has resources for all ages.

Youth Yellow Pages

The Youth Yellow Pages is a pocket-sized resource book filled with information and resources for today’s youth. Some of the topics included in the booklet are sexual assault, alcohol and other drugs, stress, eating disorders, and of course suicide. The Youth Yellow Pages is for teenagers all over Larimer County and is distributed at no cost to any interested agencies, schools, therapists, or individuals.

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