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December 2023: Charity on the court: Ruby Kayser, Kate Yoshimoto ace suicide prevention efforts

September 12, 2023: Turner Looking to Brighten Dark Places Punter helping to raise money to aid those impacted by suicide

July 2023: New Interactive Fort Collins Colorado Mural Is Stunning and Promotes Mental Health   Watch Mural Timelapse

Town Square NOCO: Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County Interview with our Program Director, Kim Moeller.

April 2023: NPR One way to prevent suicides: limit access to guns

March 2023: Donna’s Law: A new suicide prevention tool

November 2022: Brain Change – A Night of Smart Stories  – Speakers

October 2022: Why Pronouns matter with Silen Wellington

August 2022: PBS12 – Eye if the Survivor, ft ASP Silen Wellington. 

Colorado Suicide Data Dashboard

In the NEWS

July 2023: Unemployment and underemployment are causes of suicide

Research Roundup August 2023: Recently Published Findings From AFSP-Funded Studies

February 2023: Thompson School District chosen for mental wellness collaboration

February 2023: Teenage girls experiencing record high levels of sadness, violence and trauma, CDC says

January 2023: Colorado has a free therapy program for kids. Here’s how it’s going, one year in.

December 2022: Thompson School District invites mental health responders to assist school resource officers.

December 2022: Health Workers’ Mental Health: Addressing the Invisible Global Pandemic

November 2022: Harvard Symposium – Suicide Prevention: How do we know what we know, and how can we know more?

November 2022: Suicide Prevention Resource Center: Collaboration Is Key to Upstream Suicide Prevention

September 2022: U.S. News – Progress and hope in the fight against suicide

CDC: Community Led Suicide Prevention toolkit.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center: News and Highlights

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