H.O.P.E Summit 2024 - Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County

H.O.P.E Summit 2024

Connect with INTENTION: Workplace WELLBEING Summit

Are you a leader of a workplace looking for best practices in how to reduce mental health emergencies and improve worker well-being?

Are you concerned about the ability to recruit and retain emerging talent?

Do you want to show that your organization authentically cares about worker well-being?

Are you striving to have a healthier, safer, and more productive workforce?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your legal exposure by proving your commitment to mental health and suicide prevention?

Are you looking for ways to access and reduce workplace stress?

Are you looking for a way to include and empower your workforce in designing and implementing a proven solution to mental health and suicide prevention?

Do you want to reduce the tragedies endured by suicide, overdose, and the consequences of addiction?

Attend our highly interactive Worker Well-being Summit to gain insights on how to develop a comprehensive and sustainable strategy. Attendees will walk away with 9 best practices to help shape their workplace well-being initiatives.

The Worker Well-being Summit is an immersive, workshop-style event designed for workplace teams of 5-10 members from each organization. This dynamic summit focuses on developing a comprehensive, sustainable strategy to address critical aspects of workplace mental health, including suicide prevention, addiction recovery, and overdose prevention. Through highly engaging, interactive sessions, participants collaborate to create tailored roadmaps that align with their organization’s unique needs and culture. The summit empowers teams with the tools and knowledge to foster a healthier, more supportive work environment, promoting overall employee well-being and contributing to a positive organizational impact.

• Introductions & Framing the Day
• Making the Case for “Why the Workplace”?
• Establishing the Team Approach
• Moving from Awareness to Action to Strategy

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