Message from Our Grief Support Facilitator - Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County

Message from Our Grief Support Facilitator

New Year 2015

2016 A Year of New Beginnings

For those who are mourning the grief of a suicide death of a loved one, it can be presumptuous to offer a Happy New Year greeting. And although I do wish you more happiness in the coming year, I would like to offer something that may be easier to offer you more happiness. I wish you this opportunity to create some new beginnings for yourself that include hope and joy. Finding hope and joy in little things will add to bringing about more happiness in the future.

With this new year, it is a new beginning for me as well as for the grief support groups. I am moving forward in my personal and business life and am handing the facilitation of the grief groups over to someone else who will also be making a new beginning for the groups and for his life. I have been blessed to know some of the most courageous people through my connection with the grief group. Not only you the one left behind, but I have also been able to know your loved ones and the courage they lived and died with. Thank you! My intention in being your facilitator for the groups was to allow you to have the support you needed as you moved through your grief. What I received in return was more assistance of my own journey and mourning. I received seeing the compassion and love that you offer to each other, often setting your own pain aside to assist another. Each of you is a gift. Thank you for being willing to be there for yourself and for others.

As I move forth with my life, I feel confident that the groups will have competent leadership with Andrew. Andrew is full of compassion for those who grieve,  and he is eager to be of assistance to facilitate the group so that it continues to offer support, guidance and encouragement for those who seek to have assistance through this journey.

New beginnings are the changes in life that are necessary for us to live life fully. We don’t always feel in control of the changes that we are presented with, and yet we are confronted with change constantly. How we respond to those changes, how we choose to create new beginnings and the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves is in our control. All of our responses- our tears, our sorrow, our grief, our laughter, our joys, our appreciation of life, our compassion for one another and more all contribute to our future living. Stepping through our fears and doubts will give us strength to create a future that is brings hope and joy. As I move forward into the unknown, I trust that I have put forth all that I need to keep moving forward. May you choose to move forth step by step towards a brighter future knowing you don’t go alone.
In gratitude for you,


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