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Postvention after an attempt for schools

When someone attempts suicide it affects so many. As a school, what can you do to help your students after a suicide attempt. Having policies and protocols in place can help take the immediate burden off students, teachers, and counselors. In addition, having resources readily available to students, parents and teachers is imperative. 

Policies and Protocols

  1. Develop a written protocol for supporting a student’s return to school after a suicide attempt or mental health crisis.
  2. Develop written protocols with pre-established communication messages for each of the following:
    • Responding to a suicide attempt within the school community
    • Responding to students after a suicide attempt on school property
  3. In these written communication messages, consider the impact on student and school staff mental health, as well as student or school staff confidentiality. Ensure communication is trauma informed and avoids any retraumatization.
  4. Develop school specific guidance for community mental health or private practitioners around clarifying role and supporting students after a suicide attempt.
  5. Create a policy for memorials.
  6. After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools


Following a suicide attempt, the students and faculty can feel a wide range of  emotions and having resources available can help. Following are some ways schools can help with local resources. 

Work with school mental health professionals and community mental health professionals to arrange for additional counselors on campus immediately following an attempt.

Work with the administration, teachers, and school mental health professionals to identify individuals who may be having particular difficulty, such as family members, close friends, and teammates.

If possible, identify an easily accessible mechanism for students to request support (e.g., be able to request a pass to meet with a counselor or others) throughout the day.

I Matter Colorado provides up to 6 free counseling sessions for all youth in Colorado. 

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