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Suicide Postvention

What is Postvention?

Postvention is a term often used in the suicide prevention field. Postvention is an organized response in the aftermath of a suicide to accomplish any one or more of the following: 

  • To facilitate the healing of individuals from the grief and distress of suicide loss
  • To mitigate other negative effects of exposure to suicide
  • To prevent suicide among people who are at high risk after exposure to suicide

Postvention After an Attempt

After a Suicide Attempt:

When someone you love attempts to take their life, it can evoke a range of strong emotions. What can you do? Acknowledge your own feelings, be with them, create a plan for recovery. Finding Hope and Support After a Suicide Attempt: Postvention Resources and Strategies for Recovery
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Postvention After a Loss

After a suicide loss

When a person dies by suicide, studies estimate over 100 people are exposed. Exposure to suicide can lead to an array of negative outcomes, including mental health issues, social isolation, and an increased risk of suicide. We can help. Moving Forward After a Suicide Loss: Strategies and Resources for Postvention and Healing
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