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Suicide Postvention

What is Postvention?

Postvention following a suicide refers to the support and interventions provided to individuals and communities affected by a suicide and involves a series of strategies and resources aimed at helping survivors cope with the aftermath of the suicide and facilitating their healing process.

Postvention efforts typically focus on providing emotional support, counseling, and practical assistance to family members, friends, colleagues, and others impacted by the suicide.

The goals of postvention include reducing the risk of further suicides, addressing the immediate needs of survivors, promoting healing and resilience, and facilitating the grieving process.

Postvention may involve crisis intervention, psychoeducation, support groups, therapy, and community outreach to ensure that individuals receive the help and support they need during a challenging time.

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Suicide Loss is a Trauma

After a Suicide

It’s important to recognize that losing someone to suicide can be an especially traumatic experience. In understanding that what you have gone through can be considered a trauma, you can better understand what your grief journey may look like or the different ways it may impact you. Trauma impacts you differently than other types of losses, which may help normalize what you are experiencing.
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What to know when it comes to suicide loss

Explaining Suicide to Kids

Kids react differently to grief than adults do. We (adults) expect that they will cry and be stuck in sadness/grief the way adults often are. Kids process through play. The best thing for them is the opportunity to be a kid - to play, to watch a favorite movie, read a book, dance around and cry, or experience whatever other hard feelings they have
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