Phillip - Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County


My big cousin/brother, Phil-
He taught me a lot of things, too many to post, so I’ll only leave a few-
He taught me to be independent- we would wake up in the mornings to watch ninja turtles and eat breakfast before aunt, uncle, or my mom got up. So we all hopped on the counter ate spoonfuls of peanut butter (did we actually use spoons or our hands I don’t know?) from the jar & lucky charms from the box!
He taught me to not judge others including myself- nough said
He gave me free tech support
He taught me all the things about video games
He taught me to help & love other people
He taught me to be persistent & Never give up- Phil & I were dreamers, always working toward bigger & better lives than what we were handed
He also taught me, in general how to Nerd- so in honor of Phil “so long & thanks for all the fish.”