Alliance for Suicide Prevention Mural - Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County

Alliance for Suicide Prevention Mural

Have you ever wondered what youth want adults to know about mental health? Well, we asked them and created an interactive mural with their responses. The Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County has joined forces with United Way, the Fort Collins Mural Project , and artist Jess Bean to create the interactive mural whose powerful artwork is inspired by the important insights of over 10,000 teens, gathered over several years. 

What does the mural represent?

Here is an artist statement. Jess Bean (@JBeanArt) created this amazing mural.

The outermost faces are representative of the parts of our psyche that make up what society sees. One representing the “negative” emotions and one the “positive” emotions. One representing the feminine and one the masculine that reside in all of us. Jess chose the playful expressions to speak towards how warning signs/cries for help are often overlooked by friends and family, because the suicidal are able to laugh and have moments of happiness even while they are in their darkest moments. Along the edges of the ripple effect in the sky is messages from the cards program written in each author’s handwriting.

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The mural finds its home on the East-facing wall of the United Way building in Fort Collins, CO (525 W Oak Street), and it incorporates an innovative QR code that brings it to life, revealing heartfelt messages from young individuals sharing their mental health experiences.

Visit the mural and experience the awe of Larimer County youth and their words of wisdom.

Are you in crisis?

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis, call or text Crisis Support 988.

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