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Postvention for Schools

After a Suicide Attempt: School Toolkit

As a school, what can you do to help your students and faculty after a suicide attempt. Having policies and protocols in place can help take the immediate burden off students, teachers, and counselors. In addition, having resources readily available to students, parents and teachers is imperative. 
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Postvention For Parents

Coping after a suicide attempt

When a child tries to take their own life, it is difficult for a parent to comprehend their decision. Adjusting to life after a suicide attempt is not easy for anyone in the family. Following are some ways to navigate life after your child’s suicide attempt.
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Postvention for students

When a friend attempts suicide

When someone you love attempts to take their life, it can evoke a range of strong emotions. How can you deal with your own emotions, while helping your friend with a second chance.
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