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The Most Recommended Book for Depressed Patients

“More than 20 million Americans will suffer an episode of depression or mania during their lifetimes, and one in five American families will feel its impact directly. For these families, Overcoming Depression is the essential resource. Since its first publication in 1987, it has become the book most often recommended by doctors to their depressed patients because it clearly and sympathetically presents state-of-the-art medical information and the solid, practical advice that patients and their families need to participate actively in diagnosis and treatment. Now featuring all-new data on the latest drugs, research, treatment, and medical insurance, it also includes a frank discussion of psychiatric therapy in the era of managed care.”

-Overview of Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Depression Demitri Papolos

This book is available in The Suicide Prevention Alliance office’s Lending Library. Feel free to stop by our Lending Library and pick up “Overcoming Depression” by Demitri Papolos or any of our other books available about this subject and many others!

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